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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--Mexican Lent Specials
Mar. 24, 2012: In El Paso I used to find special food for Lent in various Mexican restaurants, and this year I have been in search of Special Lent food in Oklahoma City. The best place I have found is Birrieria Diaz in Bethany which served an excellent ceviche tostada on one Friday and one of the best versions of capirotada I have ever had on another Friday. Specials served one week are not necessarily available the other weeks until Easter, but so far there is enough to make me feel like I am in El Paso.

Abel's does not serve Lent specials, but it has excellent enchiladas, chiles rellenos, and shrimp plates for those who want to get a meatless dinner.

Normally I do not think of San Marcos as one of the more authentic Mexican restaurants, but I think the fish dinners happen to be some of the best items on the menu, and I have been impressed with the tilapia served. I thought the Pescado Dorado was good enough to give me an El Paso quality meal.


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