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The Restaurant Index is the main link to the all restaurant reviews on this web site.

SPECIAL FEATURES include information about food and restaurants not found in the restaurant reviews, historic information about restaurants, and general information that I think might be of interest. If there is something not covered by the reviews, this is the place to look.


I think of the RESTAURANT LISTS as shortcuts to finding restaurant recommendations quickly, but of course for more exhaustive information readers should refer to reviews on this or other web sites.

        Steve's Restaurant List is a combination of my top picks along with suggestions from other reviewers on the Internet. It is meant to be a quick guide to roadfood and ethnic eateries, with a few fine dining and steakhouse restaurants thrown in if they seem noteworthy.

        Top Rated Restaurants are the highest rated restaurants I have visited (as of 2015).

        El Paso Tip Sheet provides general information about the best restaurants in El Paso as well as detailed information about individual dishes or features (such as where to get the best enchiladas).


SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLES consist of brief restaurant updates, general topics, historical information, and other articles that may be of interest.

RECENT UPDATES and new reviews are located on Steve's Food Blog.

There is also an Index of Articles for links to older articles archived on the site.


The page on ASIAN FOOD explains some of the methodology for reviewing Asian restaurants, and provides a discussion and details about various Asian cuisines:

        Asian Food

The page on MEXICAN FOOD explains the information provided in the Mexican restaurant reviews and explains some of the regional styles of Mexican food:

        Mexican Food


I try to provide LINKS to a few blogs or commercial sites which I consider to be the most reliable sources for information about cities covered by my web site. This is not an exhaustive list of good web sites, but it includes ones I have personally used.

        Steve's Blogroll


RESTAURANT CLOSINGS that have been confirmed or reported to be closed:

        Restaurant Closings

The reviews on this web site make note of the fact that a restaurant is closed. However, there may be articles or references to now-closed restaurants in other places, so this list provides an additional reference.


HISTORICAL RESTAURANTS are ones which have not been formally reviewed on this web site, but which I like to mention either because of their notable food or for other reasons (such as their historical significance). In some cases I have old menus, pictures, or other information which I am able to present. These restaurants are listed in the "Articles" menu for individual states, with the main index here:

        Index of Articles

Restaurants which have been reviewed but are now closed are normally listed under the "Closed" heading on individual state indexes. The link to these indexes is on the new web site:

        Restaurant Index (Steve's Food Blog)

The index on Steve's Food Blog lists the most recent review for each restaurant I have visited from the three web sites:

Steve's Gastronomic Home Page (2005-2011), OK Gourmet (2011-2015), and Steve's Food Blog (2015 and later)