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EDMOND, OK--Heritage India
Aug. 10, 2013: Heritage India in Edmond is a relatively new Indian restaurant in the Oklahoma City area, and I would say it is much more than relatively good. The fact is that I like all of the Indian restaurants I have tried in the OKC area, but Heritage India is especially impressive for its flavors and for the freshness and quality of the food.

Lamb biryani from Heritage India
Lamb biryani from Heritage India

Biryani is apparently the specialty of Heritage India, and the reason I am unsure is that so far it is the only thing I have tried. Sometimes, though, I taste things that seem to be the standard by which I should judge similar dishes at other restaurants, and this was one of those times. The biryani pictured was a take-home order from which I had removed the cover. There was a large quantity of lamb inside that is not visible in this picture, and it was quite good. The lamb may not have been my first choice except that the restaurant recommended it, and now that I have tried it I think it will be my first choice in the future. If anyone is normally on the fence about ordering lamb, I would say that Heritage India is an excellent place to try it.


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