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Heritage India (Closed)

3409 S. Broadway
Edmond, OK

Indian food is something I like so much that I am usually willing to eat just about anything that is served, and I am usually pretty happy with it. It is even better if I can find out the specialty of a restaurant, since this almost guarantees that it will be a memorable dish. In the case of Heritage India in Edmond, I had heard that their specialty is biryani, something that I had actually only tried a few times before. I have always liked the biryani dishes I have tried, and the one from Heritage India was no exception.

For my initial visit to Heritage India I called the restaurant for a take home order, and they suggested that if I wanted biryani I might try the lamb version (which I assume is either their specialty or the one which is most popular). There are several meats (and some vegetarian versions) available, and all are in the same price range, so based on this the lamb seemed like a good choice.

Although there were about eight choices for biryani, they also had a full Indian menu as well as a buffet (although I am not sure if the buffet is all day or only for lunch). At present I am limited in what I can report since I only ordered one dish and it was a takeout version, but I did think it was good enough to report that others should come to Heritage India and try the food.

Lamb biryani
Lamb biryani

As a matter of fact I thought the Lamb Biryani was good enough to live up to the "hype" I had read about it (that is, it would be "hype" if it had not been as good as people said it was). Some of the "hype" was that the biryani here is as good as in India, which of course I cannot verify, but I tend to believe it.

One thing I discovered is that it had a large quantity of lamb hidden inside the rice, making this much more of a meat dish than it appears. The pieces of lamb were moist and flavorful, and combined with the flavorful curry flavored sauce inside, made an excellent dish. I have learned to appreciate good lamb at several of Oklahoma City's Middle Eastern restaurants (such as Travel by Taste and Camilya's), and I thought the dish here had enough meat to qualify as a lamb dinner such as the ones I would get at these other restaurants. In fact, this take out dish ended up being one and a half meals for me (I had intended to split it in two, but when I got to the halfway point it was too good to quit eating at that point).

With this as a background, though, it brings up a question I had about the restaurant. The lamb biryani cost about as much as the lamb dinners at these other restaurants, and this is perfectly understandable. Other types of biryani, though, were almost as expensive. I thought the rice was very good, along with the seasonings in it and the raita yogurt sauce served on the side. I can understand the lamb biryani costing as much as it does because of the meat inside, but I am not sure why some of the other dishes cost as much as they do (based on the price of biryani I have seen at other restaurants). My qualification to this, though, is that I have not tried these other dishes so I do not know if the prices charged are justified (but the entire menu seems to be on the high side for Indian restaurants).

In any case, I got a large enough quantity to almost make two meals, and the food certainly did not disappoint. In fact, the food seemed to be in the same league as Taj, which in my experience has been serving the best Indian food in OKC for a number of years.



Cuisine: Indian
Cost: $$$
Buffet: Yes

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Jul. 25, 2013

Number of Visits: 1

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