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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--Szechuan Bistro
Oct. 30, 2012: Szechuan Bistro is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Oklahoma City, and as far as I know is the only one that specializes in cuisine from Sichuan. This means that most things are hot and spicy, but a few are not spicy at all (even some of the Sichuanese style items). I have been very impressed with Szechuan Bistro, and in a lot of ways it compares with similar restaurants in Seattle.

Dan dan noodles at Szechuan Bistro
Dan dan noodles at Szechuan Bistro in Oklahoma City

The dan dan noodles from Szechuan Bistro were one of the top five dishes I ordered during October at any restaurant. These were so spicy I really would not want to eat them every day, but the flavor was quite impressive. In fact, I think this dish demonstrates why I find Szechuan Bistro to be so much better than most Chinese restaurants in the city, and gives a taste of the food that is generally found only in larger cities.

Most items on the Chinese menu at Szechuan Bistro are quite large, and are meant to be served family style. The ideal way to try them is to go with family or a group of friends, but when ordering solo the lighter dishes such as dan dan noodles are an excellent way to go.


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