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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--Capers Mediterranean Buffet
Sep. 29, 2012: Capers Mediterranean Buffet opened earlier this month, and offers a good selection of high quality food. I thought the meat was the highlight of the meal, and there was so much variety I could not try all of them.

Capers in Oklahoma City
Capers in Oklahoma City

I normally have light meals at Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurants, so Capers was more expensive than I usually pay. If my purpose is to load up on meat, though, I think Capers is a good value.

Capers is a particularly good value when considering the wide variety of desserts (all of which were very good). The rice pudding was probably my favorite.

Vegetables overall were somewhat of a letdown, but I really enjoyed the grape leaves. The tabouleh and fatoush salad were also good.

Overall it provided a good variety of food groups and flavors, while maintaining a high quality throughout.


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