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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--Custino's Italian Kitchen
Sep. 20, 2012: Custino's Italian Kitchen is located on Britton Road next to the Johnnie's location in The Village, but Custino's is actually in Oklahoma City in a building that has seen many restaurants fail over the years. I think Custino's has more going for it than some of the previous tenants, though, since over a few short months it has already generated a large and passionate following.

Custino's on Britton Road just west of Johnnie's

Custino's experienced a lot of problems when it first opened, and when I went for the first time they were out of just about everything except the sandwiches. I wanted to try the pizza, and it seemed that most of the customers were eating pizza, but I had arrived too late. Since that time they have dropped pizza from the menu, and how much of a loss this is I will never know since I did not get to try it.

The sandwiches, though, were excellent, and I particularly liked the meatballs (on the meatball sandwich) and the sauce on the chicken parmesan sandwich. There were enough excellent features about the food that I would not worry too much about problems with the service (although I hear they have now worked out the problems they had with running out of many of the items).


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