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EL PASO, TX--Historic Restaurants
Jul. 12, 2013: New Mexico Tourism & Travel recently published a list of Culinary Treasures in New Mexico, defined as family owned restaurants throughout the state in continuous operation for at least 40 years. Billy Crews in Santa Teresa (located a short distance from the El Paso city limits) made the list, as well as several restaurants in the Las Cruces area.

I started making notes about El Paso restaurants in 1976, mainly because I was going wild with the number of choices of Mexican restaurants available, and I wanted to keep track of both the good and bad experiences at the ones I visited. Similar lists were made for other cities, and eventually this led to the information I am putting on this web site.

I was thinking that the list of El Paso restaurants I compiled might fit in well with the theme of "culinary treasures," at least to the extent that some of the restaurants operating in 1976 are still open today. The list of 1976 El Paso Mexican Restaurants has been added to my list of El Paso Articles (a section which includes any information other than actual restaurant reviews). I will certainly try to add more articles over time.

The 1976 list includes an evaluation (of from one to four stars) for the restaurants I visited. The star rating may be of more interest to me than to the readers, but it does help confirm that these restaurants were actually in operation during this time period.

An additional list has has been included for 1985 El Paso Mexican Restaurants, which should at least include more restaurants that most people will recognize.

A list of 1981 Albuquerque Mexican Restaurants is the first of several others I plan to include for other cities.


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