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1985 El Paso Mexican Restaurants

El Paso Supplemental Article (Historical)

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Acapulco 219 S. El Paso

Alexandro's 309 E. Overland Cheap

Alexandro's 830 N. Piedras

Arnold's 2030 E. Yandell

Carlos & Mickey's 1310 Magruder Very Exp
Casa Jurado 226 Cincinnati Exp

Charly's 5541 Alameda

Ciro's Flautas 3203 Alameda

Conchita's 5038 Alameda

Del Camino 5001 Alameda

Delicious Mexican Food 3314 Fort Blvd.

Doņa Lola 3707 Montana

Dora's 619 S. El Paso

Eagle Cafe 200 N. Oregon

El Apetito 5908 Alameda

El Brasero 6110 Montana

El Carioca 2104 E. Yandell

El Cerezo 610 N. Mesa

El Matador 111 San Francisco

Elmer's 6305 Montana

El Nopal 2314 Wyoming

El Paseo 1611 Montana

El Rapido 617 S. El Paso

El Zarape 819 S. El Paso

Forti's 321 Chelsea Very Exp
G & R 401 E. Nevada Mod

Good Luck Cafe 3831 Alameda

Hamburger Hut 3700 Alameda

Hamburger Hut 5720 Dyer

Hando's 1230 Myrtle Cheap
Jalisco Cafe 1029 E. 7th Cheap
Kiki's 2719 N. Piedras Mod Open late

La Cabanita 2612 N. Mesa

La Cazuelita 1015 E. Yandell

La Hacienda 1720 W. Paisano Mod
La Paloma 1017 Delta Cheap

La Miniatura 111 W. Paisano

Las Casitas 521 S. Stanton

La Terraza 315 Mills Mod

Linda's Jet 6211 Airport

Leo Cafe 307 E. Paisano

Leo's 5103 Montana

Lupe's 2919 Pershing

Mandy's 3801 Alameda

Mexican Cottage 2100 Bassett

Mexican Cottage 904 Texas

Mexico Cafe 179 N. Cotton

Mi Amiga 501 E. 3rd

Michael's 122 S. Mesa

Moe's 6298 Alameda Exp

Montezuma 211 S. Kansas

Nacho's 110 E. Franklin Mod

Palmera 2301 Olive

Rachel's 2138 Cypress

Raphael's Missouri & Kansas

Rosa 4315 Dyer

Rubio's 5734 Alameda

Samaniego's 4908 Alberta

Tony's 3606 E. Missouri

Casa Jurado 4772 Doniphan Mod
Del Valle 403 Executive Center Exp
Griggs 5800 Doniphan Exp

Leo's 6232 N. Mesa

Pico de Gallo 5024 Doniphan

Riviera 5218 Doniphan Mod

Sunset Inn 4532 N. Mesa

Tequila Charlie's 124 Shadow Mountain

Victor's 5909 N. Mesa

El Abajeņo 9639 Dyer Mod
La Paloma 9415 Dyer Cheap
Leo's 5315 Hondo Pass Mod

Neat-o Burritos 4922 Hondo Pass

New Clock 8409 Dyer Cheap Too salty
Villa Zepeda 5331 Marcillus Mod

Alexandro's 1414 Airway

Dominguez 1201 Airway

Don Javier 1212 Yarbrough

El Presidente 8838 Viscount

El Rancho Escondido 14549 Montana

Griggs 9007 Montana Exp

Hacienda East 12727 Montana

Jasper's 2000 Lee Trevino

La Cascada Montana & Airway

La Casita 1188 Yarbrough

La Casita 3333 Yarbrough Cheap

Las Salsas 6744 Edgemere

Leo's 2285 Trawood

Palmera 13515 Montana

Pancho's McRae & Sims

Riviera 2200 Yarbrough

Avila's 7000 Gateway East Mod
Carmen's 8257 Alameda Exp

Casa Calderon 8450 Alameda

El Nido 6932 Gateway East

El Pancho 111 S. Harris

Gabriel's 9100 Alameda

Grandma's Tamales 7682 Alameda

Hamburger Hut 8541 Alameda

Hamburger Hut 8764 Alameda

La Pasadita 7705 North Loop

Las Brazas 7580 Alameda

Las Salsas 8140 North Loop

La Tapatia 8941 Old County

Leo's 7872 North Loop

Los Candiles 7446 Alameda

Los Compadres 800 N. Zaragosa

Lupita's 8929 Alameda

Taqueria La Pila 8714 Alameda

Tigua Indian Reservation 122 S. Old Pueblo Rd.


Little Diner 7209 7th St.


Rayo's 1200 S. Main


I found it useful to give ratings to restaurants even before I had any idea of sharing the information with others, and this list is the one I made of Mexican restaurants in El Paso around the year 1985.

This list includes all Mexican Restaurants I could find from the telephone directory. I know that it does not include all the restaurants that actually existed.

The restaurants I visited and rated are in bold.

There are some restaurants I had visited in earlier years, but this was meant to be a "fresh list" with up-to-date ratings for all restaurants.

Rating System

Ratings are included for restaurants I visited:
Very Good.

Additional Comments

I have found Mexican restaurants in El Paso to have a surprisingly long operating life compared to other cities. Nevertheless, there seem to be only a small percentage of restaurants from 1985 that are still open.

Some of the restaurants with good ratings are still among my favorites, including Carlos and Mickey's, Casa Jurado, Forti's, G&R, Jalisco Cafe, Kiki's, La Casita, and Moe's.

Riviera on Doniphan was one of my favorite restaurants in 1985, but I thought it went downhill when it changed ownership.

La Hacienda closed, but its recipes are now served at Amigos Restaurant.

Griggs closed, but its recipes are now served at Peppe's in Canutillo.

Del Camino was one of the city's very best restaurants in the 1970's, but I did not eat there in the period around 1985, and I believe it was on somewhat of a downhill slide.

Pancho's on Alameda Ave. was quite good (and I believe had closed by 1985), but the one on McRae tasted much like all the other Pancho's throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and other states (in other words, like chain restaurant Mexican food).

There are some restaurants that I know existed in 1985, but they did not make it to this list either because I did not recognize them as being Mexican restaurants or because they were not listed in the phone book (one example is L&J which later became one of my favorite restaurants).


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