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The Original Fried Pie Place (Closed)

3721 N.W. 50th St.
Oklahoma City, OK

Original Fried Pies at N.W. 50th and Portland

Note: In August 2011 the Oklahoma Gazette announced the closing of the Oklahoma City location of Original Fried Pies (however, the Dallas and Amarillo location are still in operation). In October 2011, though, there was an article spotlighting the new Arbuckle Mountain Original Fried Pies restaurant at the same location.

Merely describing the fruit pie at Original Fried Pie Place may be all the persuasion anyone needs to try it. With dough that is made daily from a family recipe, this is not the normal bakery item found at a typical food store. The crust and fruit filling inside taste like the treats many of us experienced at home while growing up, but which few of us now have time to prepare. The Original Fried Pie Place can do it for us, though, and now has locations near Dallas and Amarillo to supplement the long-time Oklahoma City store.

The Original Fried Pie Place is also a restaurant, serving "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Pies" filled with different meats and vegetables. These have the same crust as the fruit pies, but are filled with such items as sausage and egg, chicken & vegetable, or spinach, mushroom & three cheeses (for the only vegetarian version I could find). All of the fruit and meat pies sell for a similar price, so it is not expensive to sample different ones.

Fried pie
Fried pie with the complete menu of fruit, meat, and vegetable pies

The fruit pie is the item that made The Original Fried Pie Place famous, and these are sold in large quantities as to-go orders. The Apricot Pie is listed first on the menu, and I think must be one of the best (although I have not tried them all). I just know from family members who have tried more varieties than I have that they are all good. Sugar free pies are also available.

Since I am including this place as a "special feature," and not a restaurant review, no numerical rating is given (although I might do so if I try some of the breakfast, lunch, or dinner pies). I can give the assurance, though, that it is well worth a stop here to try one of their desserts. The store is about a mile from Interstate 44, so it may be of interest even to those who are passing through town.

The Amarillo store is located on the I-40 frontage road in Bushland, about five miles west of the city (and next to the "Cadillac Ranch"), so I think this would also be of interest to travelers.



Cuisine: Fried Pies, Breakfast, Lunch
Cost: $
Additional Locations: Richardson, TX; Bushland, TX
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: No

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Fried Pie

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