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EDMOND, OK--Thai Palace
Jul. 30, 2012: Thai Palace in Edmond is scheduled to close for good on August 18, 2012. This ends Nick's time in Oklahoma City, first as the original owner of Sala Thai and now as the owner of Thai Palace in Edmond. In my opinion Nick has consistently provided west coast quality food, and by this I mean the quality Thai restaurants that do not make the food too sweet and who provide an authentic flavor. Thai Palace has been limited on some items, such as the fact that it does not serve Thai tea, but this is largely a function of the fact that for most of Thai Palace's existence Nick has been a one man operation, doing all the cooking, serving, and table bussing himself (it got so bad that he disconnected the phone because he did not have time to answer the phone and cook at the same time). The restaurant is somewhat quirky, but it offers a very rare opportunity for this part of the country to experience this type of high quality Thai food. There are other Thai restaurants in Oklahoma City that I like very much, but Thai Palace has a different flavor to certain items that I think will be hard to duplicate.

There is still time to enjoy Thai Palace until August 18. After that date Nick will open a meditation center between Meeker and Prague, Oklahoma and devote full time to that (and I understand people are welcome to drop in). Nick also has plans to serve Thai food at the new location, and I understand it will eventually operate as a restaurant. In any case, for those who are interested here is a map to the new location:

Nick's new location near Meeker, OK
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