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EL PASO, TX--Cappetto's Italian Restaurant Closes
Oct. 20, 2012: Cappetto's Italian Restaurant is the second long time El Paso restaurant to be reported closed by the El Paso Times in less than a week. This is a restaurant that never made it to my list of reviews on Steve's Gastronomic Home Page because I had not eaten there in years. The problem was that I got a MSG reaction to the food, and whether they actually used MSG or just something else to which I was allergic, I am not sure. I had the same reaction from a few other Italian restaurants-- most notably Olive Garden-- and the result is that I quit visiting these restaurants. The purpose of my web site is not to accuse restaurants of using MSG, but to share my experiences--both positive and negative-- at places I have visited. Cappetto's was just a place too far in my past to make it to the web site.

Cappetto's was part of El Paso history, though, and many of the long time restaurants are disappearing. Cappetto's and Jaxon's (the other restaurant that closed this week) were two of the three restaurants that advertised on television as the "Rio Trio" group (the third was Avila's, which is still open). I really lost most of my interest in Avila's after the east side location closed (which I thought had better food), but the restaurant on Mesa is a place where I have had some good meals and which is one of the few ties we have left to the "old" El Paso restaurants.


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