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RECOMMENDED BLOGS--Food Goblin and Chef Paul's Blog
Aug. 9, 2012: My Blogroll page now has links to two sites based in the United Kingdom that I think would be of interest to readers in the U.S. The Food Goblin Blog is on a quest for the best food of all types, and shows an in-depth knowledge of the subject. During summer 2012 the Food Goblin Travel Blog (which includes restaurant and food reviews) is making a cross country tour of the United States from west to east. I have already enjoyed the finds made in the Southwest, and I am looking forward to the planned tour of the South and East Coast regions.

Chef Paul's Blog includes interesting sights in London, with an emphasis on good places to eat. Chef Paul also has an Oklahoma City connection, having worked at Charm Thai in 2011 (some of the older posts on the blog have information about different dishes at Charm Thai and reviews of other restaurants in Oklahoma City). One of Chef Paul's big interests is in Asian food, and it is interesting to me to see the comparisons between London Asian restaurants and the ones in the United States.


are listed on the web site's home page: