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Los Hermanos Mexican Restaurant

395 N. State St.
Lindon, UT
(801) 785-1715

Although Los Hermanos is a rather large restaurant (it is in a large, old converted two-story farm house), it is no match on a weekend night for the large number of families in the Orem/Provo area on the lookout for cheap and good family eats. The fact that Utah has one of the highest percentages of young people, and all of them seem to be hungry when they go out to eat, may explain the reason for Los Hermanos' success.

The food is fresh, the cheese is good, there are substantial portions, and of course everyone can fill up on chips. It is no wonder families on a budget flock to this place. It is understandable, considering the clinentele, that this would not be the spiciest Mexican food in the United States, but I think they bring the word "mild" to a whole new level here. There is absolutely no chile in the food, or if there is, it would be along the lines of the miniscule amount of pork found in "pork and beans."

Utah seems to have a number of Mexican restaurants of various styles that are fairly authentic, and present the cuisine in a manner that customers can get a true taste of Mexico or one of the American regional versions of it. Los Hermanos, though, seems to be a holdover from the time when restaurant owners felt Americans were not ready for the "real deal." The food was so nondescript that I could not even determine what region it was supposed to represent. I would just say that it is "Americanized."



Cuisine: Mexican Mexican
Cost: $
Smoking: No Smoking

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May 9, 2003

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