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Alberto's Mexican Food

511 S. 300 West St.
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 531-0411

Alberto's is a Mexican fast-food style restaurant that is open almost all the time (the take-out window is open 24 hours). While a restaurant that sells itself on convenience and cheap prices could probably get away with being fast-food quality, Alberto's is really quite a good restaurant in its own right. Serving what I would call New Mexico style food with red or green chile on the enchiladas and other items, it is not quite as spicy as most Mew Mexican restaurants but nevertheless is pretty tasty.

The Red Enchiladas were somewhat generic but had a pretty good flavor.

I did not order the Green Enchiladas, but I had some green sauce served on top of a chile relleno that demonstrated that the green chile is not only spicier than the red, but also more flavorful.

The Chile Relleno looked very good while cooking, but when they put sauce on top it kind of spoiled it for me (I prefer the traditional New Mexico chiles rellenos with no sauce on top). I did enjoy trying the green sauce, though.

The Horchata served was good.

Overall I was impressed by the quality and spiciness of the food. This may be one of the few New Mexican style restaurants outside the Land of Enchantment that has food comparable to that which would be found in New Mexico.



Cuisine: Mexican New Mexican
Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sun. (open to midnight Mon.-Sat.)
Accessible: Yes
Additional Locations: 1499 S. State St., 3090 W. 3500 S.
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: No

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Jun. 15, 2006

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Green Enchiladas

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