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Village Bakery Café (Closed)

2606 S. W. 22nd Ave.
Amarillo, TX

Village Bakery Café

Village Bakery Café is one of those unexpected pleasures that are sometimes found in unlikely places. The fact that a very good bakery and sandwich shop is found in Amarillo is not too unlikely, since I had similar experiences in Lubbock and Midland. What was surprising about Village Bakery Café was that the quality was beyond what I expected. The food here was not only good--some of the items were in competition for being the best I had tried.

Inside Village Bakery Café
Inside Village Bakery Café

Village Bakery Café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner may be mostly takeout, though, since the restaurant closes at 6:00 p.m. Actually the name "Café" is appropriate since orders are served from the counter and dining is available on small tables inside and outdoors on the patio (and I assume tables can be moved together for larger parties).

Village Bakery Café has a sandwich menu posted on the web site, and a few other lunch and dinner items are also served. I found that items posted on several signs expanded the choices to the point that it was rather hard to decide what to order.

Artisan bread
Several types of artisan bread are sold

Village Bakery Café specializes in artisan bread that sets it apart from quite a few other bakeries and restaurants. When I ordered a Turkey Sandwich the focaccia bread was noticeably fresh and delicious (a feature that I do not normally find with sandwiches). The turkey was excellent, and the fresh tomato and other toppings could have been set aside to make a salad by themselves. The bread, though, was what really set this sandwich apart from just about all others I have tried.

Village Bakery Café pastries
Cinnamon roll, scone, and brownie

As good as the sandwich was, it was hard to believe anything else could be better. The pastries, though, are probably Village Bakery Café's most popular items, and for good reason. These are the kind of freshly made items that are not just something sweet, but something to be enjoyed and remembered as a special experience. My restaurant rating is based on the food, but if the pastries were included in the evaluation it might be even higher.

The Cinnamon Roll was the consensus favorite of my family as being the best of the pastries we tried. One thing that struck me was that the icing had a good texture and stayed moist, while it was not too sweet. I think they also took the same care to make good quality bread that was the case with the other items I tried.

The Brownie came close to being the best I have bought anywhere, but that distinction still belongs to Angela's Cafe in Lubbock. The one here was rich and moist, as a brownie should be.

The Scone was a special item that points out the fact that Village Bakery Café usually has a number of items that are not listed on the menu.



Cuisine: Bakery & American
Cost: $$
Hours: Breakfast & Lunch (Mon.-Sat.)
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking

Most Recent Visit
Sep. 8, 2010

Number of Visits: 1

Best Items
Pastry, Bread, Sandwiches

Special Ratings
Turkey Sandwich:
Cinnamon Roll:
Focaccia Bread:

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