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Strawberry Fields Café

2311 W. Wadley Ave.
Midland, TX
(432) 684-5869

When I went to Strawberry Fields in Midland I did not even take any pictures of it because my intention was simply to get a snack to take on the road. If I had known how good it would turn out to be though, I not only would have made more of an attempt to keep a photographic record of my visit, but I would also have loaded up with more items to take with me.

Strawberry Fields is a combination natural foods store and restaurant. One of their most popular items is Smoothies, a blend of fruits and other ingredients that is quite fresh and flavorful (two of the qualities I most appreciate). This is more expensive than the average drink, but as I found while on the road to El Paso, it lasts much longer than the average drink. I did not find it at all overpriced, but rather it was a bargain for what you get.

There were quite a few snacks and desserts available, but I chose a Brownie which turned out to be quite delicious. In fact, this may be in the top three of any brownies I have ever purchased (the others were from Lubbock and Amarillo). Why west Texas produces such good brownies is a mystery to me, but I found the one here very enjoyable. I am pretty sure my other favorites were not organic, as the one at Strawberry Fields was, so it is not that I am looking for a toned down flavor that others would not find appetizing (instead, this one had a very good flavor).

Strawberry Fields also sells sandwiches and other foods that seemed to be appropriate for lunch (although I am not sure if it is also open for dinner).

Strawberry Fields is a short distance from Loop 250, and I think is well worth a short detour when traveling on Interstate 20 through the Midland/ Odessa area.



Cuisine: Organic
Cost: $$
Smoking: No Smoking

Most Recent Visit
Feb. 12, 2008

Number of Visits: 1

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