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Little Thailand

4315 Caldwell Ln.
Del Valle, TX
(512) 247-3855

Little Thailand is located on Hwy 71 about 7 miles east of the Austin airport in the little town of Del Valle. It was rather hard to find, even though it is almost right on the highway. I ended up calling for directions, and the owners were most helpful in explaining how to get there. (In case you need to find it, it is located just east of the Garfield water tower, on the north side of the highway).

Actually I think they need the business since the restaurant is not in what would be considered a normal location. Fortunately word has gotten around that it is worth the drive for some interesting Thai food, and there do seem to be quite a few people who make the trek.

This is "home cooking," since it is literally cooked in a home with a dining room built in the front that serves as the restaurant. The menu includes a choice of several items that the owner has brought from her native Thailand. The best choice seemed to be Phad Thai, and it was solid with a good flavor. It wasn't very spicy, and the restaurant did not seem to specialize in spicy dishes, but rather noodle dishes.

With one visit I cannot give a definitive review except to say it is a very interesting place with some good food. It might be worth your consideration the next time you have to grab a bite near the Austin airport, and Little Thailand will not break your budget.



Cuisine: Thai
Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sun.
Tea: Jasmine (bags)

Most Recent Visit
Jul. 9, 2003

Number of Visits: 1

Best Item
Phad Thai

Special Ratings
Phad Thai: