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Steve's Rib (Closed)

7202 W. Hefner Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK

Steve's Rib at Hefner and Rockwell

Note: This restaurant closed in 2014, but the Edmond location is still open.

Barbecue in Oklahoma is like Mexican food in El Paso-- there are plenty of places that serve it and everyone is going to have their own opinion about what is best. Unlike many other places in the country, at least customers in the Sooner state have an expectation that barbecue restaurants know what they are doing, and can prepare the meat correctly.

Steve's Rib has two locations, and this does not exactly make it a chain but it is possible the food is different in Edmond than in Oklahoma City. Also I will say that my experience with the food has not been entirely consistent, but overall it has been in line with my expectations for Oklahoma barbecue.

Several dinners and lunch plates are served, each featuring a different type of meat, and some with a combination of more than one meat. Family packs are available, and the restaurant has a catering menu (with prices charged according to the number of dinners served and the number of meats ordered).

I got the idea that ribs were the specialty of the restaurant, although this may not necessarily be the case. Brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast, sausage, and chicken are all available. I think brisket is probably the best meat I have tried, although just about all of the choices have been very good.

Order of ribs
Order of ribs

I ordered the Ribs at a time when I thought I would have a big enough appetite to eat it. The rib dinner turned out to be very substantial with two sides and Texas toast. Orders of meat are also available by the pound if you do not want the regular dinner with side dishes.

The ribs had a smoky flavor, and the sauce was good. This order seemed to be less tender than at other restaurants, but the ribs were still very good. A subsequent order was better and the meat was more tender, and in fact it was more in line with other meats I have ordered here.

Chopped brisket
Chopped brisket (on top of ribs)

Even from the picture it is apparent that the Chopped Brisket is very good, and I thought the flavor lived up to the way it looked. The meat was good, moist, and flavorful, although probably less smoky than the ribs. Overall I thought this and the sliced brisket (which I also tried) were the best items served here. Personally I do not mind if the meat does not have as smoky of an aftertaste as at other places-- I thought the brisket here was better than average for Oklahoma.

Pulled pork and chicken
Pulled pork and chicken

The Pulled Pork had a quality equal to many of the other meats, so judging it became a matter of taste (I liked the brisket and ribs better). I will say that I thought it was better with sauce, and I thought the sauce was good (both regular and spicy are served). The mild sauce had a better flavor, though.

The Chicken was dry, but did have a good smoky flavor.

Beans were consistently my favorite side order after multiple visits. The Potato Salad was better on some visits than others.

Having good brisket is a definite plus for Steve's Rib, since this does not usually seem to be the case in Oklahoma (by "good" I am comparing it to brisket served in Texas barbecue restaurants). The ribs were good, but I did not think they were any better than at a half dozen other restaurants. The biggest down side to Steve's Rib was that most of the side dishes were not very notable. I also thought it was more expensive than most places for the amount of food served.

By Oklahoma's strict barbecue standards this was probably not the most outstanding place I have been, but by just about any standard I would call it very good food.



Cuisine: Barbecue
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Accessible: Yes
Additional Location: 1801 W. Edmond Rd. (Edmond)
Smoking: No Smoking

Most Recent Visit
Oct. 9, 2012

Number of Visits: 6

Best Items
Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw

Special Ratings
Pulled Pork:
Potato Salad:
Cole Slaw:
Peach Cobbler:

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