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Speedy Wok

11122 N. Rockwell Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 721-3559

Speedy Wok in the shopping center behind Crest

Speedy Wok is one of the small strip mall Chinese restaurants that have become quite popular by concentrating on take-out orders at cheap prices. Most of these "express" restaurants offer MSG-free food (including Speedy Wok), but Speedy Wok can be distinguished from some of the other restaurants by such features as a very ambitious menu and a large number of items with both large and small portions.

Speedy Wok remodeled the dining area in early 2014 so that it has become more of a place where I want to dine at the restaurant than to get take-out. The customer service has always been quite good, but now I find the tables to be very comfortable as well (setting it apart from many of the other "take-out" restaurants).

Speedy Wok does not attempt to offer the kind of authentic Chinese menu found in various restaurants near N.W. 23rd and Classen. This does not mean, though, that there is no traditional, or at least flavorful and nutritious, Chinese food. The menu has its share of fried and gloppy dishes, but not all are that way.

Mu shu chicken
Mu shu chicken

One of the best dishes I have found is the Mu Shu Chicken, a flavorful dish with good quality chicken. I liked the vegetables, which included green onions (as opposed to the white ones which I think some restaurants use just for filler). The sauce was very flavorful, and I thought this dish tasted very much like ones I would get in the Asian District.

Vegetable mu shu
Vegetable mu shu

Vegetable Mu Shu is a good alternative to the meat versions by having the same sauce and "pancakes," extra vegetables, and a lower price. I am not satisfied by a lot of vegetable dishes, but this is one I will plan to order again.

Vegetable lo mein
Vegetable lo mein

The Vegetable Lo Mein was good considering that this is something I rarely order (usually it is too Americanized). I found this one, though, to be flavorful and not too heavy on the cooking oil. The vegetables were fresh and this was an all around good meal (and pretty filling as well).

Wonton soup
Small bowl of wonton soup

Wonton Soup has been my most frequently ordered item for several years. A small bowl is available with many lunch and dinner plates (or a choice of egg drop or hot and sour). A large bowl can be served as a meal, though, and I found it to be a refreshing change from soups served in other restaurants that are too salty with not enough vegetables (in addition, Speedy Wok serves about as many wontons as I think most people can eat). The above photo shows a small bowl I ate in the restaurant, but I think the large take-out orders must be three or four times the size of the one pictured.

Hunan chicken
Hunan chicken

The Hunan Chicken was wrong for me in just about every way, and I would probably have to placed it in the "Americanized gloppy" category. The chicken was good, but it went downhill form there. The vegetables were not particularly good, with a lot of broccoli and bell peppers (any time a Chinese dish uses American style broccoli this is not a particularly good sign for me). The sauce was spicy beyond the point where it provided extra flavor, and instead it was just spicy with little else that I could taste.

My attempt at ordering Bean Curd Country Style, one of my favorite dishes, was also not as successful as other items I have tried. The tofu was overcooked and the vegetables were somewhat unappealing, although the sauce was good. With Speedy Wok advertising "MSG Free Low Calorie Cooking Chinese Food," the sauces are many times one of the better points of the restaurant.

The Hot and Sour Soup was quite flavorful, and I almost gave it a five-star rating except for the fact that the red chiles really overpowered the other flavors.

Along with the remodeling Speedy Wok also raised the price of many menu items out of the "inexpensive" category (but still not to the point that you would call them expensive). As an experiment I ordered the vegetable mu shu because it was one of the least expensive items on the menu. It turned out to be very filling, though, and I believe that many of the higher priced items on the menu now are simply because they have more food (and probably more than I can usually eat).

This is a very pleasant neighborhood restaurant where I enjoy chatting with the owners and getting some good, cheap food. The one thing I think they probably do better than anyone else, though, is the wonton soup.



Cuisine: Chinese
Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sun.
Accessible: Restaurant-Yes; Bathroom-No
Tea: Jasmine (bags)
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: No
Buffet: No
Special Features: Delivery within 30 min.

Most Recent Visit
May 8, 2014

Number of Visits: 10+

Best Items
Mu Shu Chicken, Mu Shu Vegetables, Wonton Soup

Special Ratings
Lo Mein:
Mu Shu Chicken:
Mu Shu Vegetables:
Hunan Chicken:
Bean Curd Country Style:
Wonton Soup:
Fried Rice:
Hot and Sour Soup:

Restaurant Menu
Speedy Wok menu

Oct. 27, 2012 : Speedy Wok Update