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Poquito de Mexico

422 W. Main
Yukon, OK
(405) 354-9902

Poquito de Mexico in downtown Yukon, OK

Poquito de Mexico has been in its current location for longer than just about any Mexican restaurant I know in the Oklahoma City metro area. Located in downtown Yukon on Historic U.S. 66, I estimate that the entire building is about 15 feet wide, and is one of many businesses that have continued to thrive along Main Street.

There must have been several owners and/or cooks along the way. In the 1980's Poquito de Mexico served San Antonio style enchiladas in which the tortillas were colored red, and the restaurant was one of my few refuges from the great amount of mediocre Tex-Mex food found throughout the OKC Metro. During the 1990's I thought the quality of the food plummeted, possibly because I was becoming so disgusted with the cigarette smoke that constantly filled the tiny building.

Recently the management has not only banned smoking, but I think the food is back to its former high quality, although not specifically San Antonio style. Even though the food is generic Tex-Mex, it is some of the best in the Oklahoma City area, and close the quality I found at many places throughout central and south Texas.

Chips are good, but do not taste like home made. The Salsa is flavorful and just about high enough on the heat scale to be satisfying. I've had much better salsa, especially in El Paso, but the one here is pretty good.

Everything else is typical Tex-Mex, but better than average. The Cheese Enchiladas were very enjoyable. The flavor is much the same as all the enchiladas found at Tex-Mex restaurants, but these seem to be fresher.

Chicken Tacos are nothing special, but the Beef Tacos are more enjoyable with better than average meat.

The Rice is so flavorful it is one of the better examples to be found anywhere. Refried Beans are better than average.

Fajitas are the specialty of the restaurant, but I have not tried them so I am unable to give a rating.

Although most Oklahoma Tex-Mex restaurants suffer from price inflation, Poquito de Mexico is very reasonable. The menu lists most of the basic Tex-Mex dishes, and they seem to be done very well.



Cuisine: Mexican Tex-Mex
Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sun.
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Beer

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Most Recent Visit
Feb. 27, 2006

Number of Visits: 10+

Best Items
Cheese Enchiladas, Beef Tacos, Rice

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Cheese Enchilada:
Beef Taco:
Chicken Taco: