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Old Germany Restaurant (Closed)

15920 S.E. 29th St.
Choctaw, OK

Old Germany on S.E. 29th St. in Choctaw

It seems as if people from Oklahoma City have always had the opportunity to drive a short distance east of the city for some of the best German food in the country at Old Germany, but the restaurant actually started in 1976. Old Germany's web site tells of its humble beginnings when many people were unaccustomed to German food, and of the gradual introduction of a variety of dishes that have become popular since then.

With several good German restaurants in the OKC Metro, I pretty much took it for granted that German food was one of the several varieties of ethnic cuisine available to American diners until I found out that Oklahoma City's situation was quite unique for medium sized cities. Both the quantity and quality of the German restaurants in the city are comparable to those in much larger cities. Old Germany, though, is probably the best known, and has loyal clientele from throughout the Oklahoma City metro.

Old Germany's main dining room
Old Germany's main dining room

A large dining room in front is supplemented by a second dining room and the bar that includes additional dining tables. Smoking is not allowed, so to me any of the dining rooms would be more than comfortable.

The German beer on tap is hard to resist, and several varieties are available. I will have to say, though, that trying to order beer here has somewhat detracted from my overall experience at Old Germany. More than one size is served, but the "default" size (if you do not specify what size you want) was both larger and more expensive than I expected (I learned the hard way that I needed to ask how big it was before ordering). In addition they are subject to running out of certain varieties, and I did not find the suggested substitute very appealing. Still, though, these experiences may be unique to my case since I am not accustomed to ordering beer in restaurants except with German food.

Gulasch soup
Gulasch soup

The restaurant's web site indicated that appetizers were offered free with the meal on certain weekdays, and this was the case when I ordered. Even if customers have to pay extra, though, the appetizers here are well worth it. I sampled the Gulasch Soup and thought it was quite good. Having been to a Czech restaurant in West, Texas (a town on IH-35 near Waco) I had what I thought was the ultimate gulasch, and I have not been quite as impressed with the German versions I have tried. Old Germany's version, though, was one of the better ones.

Mushroom soup
Mushroom soup is one of the choices for an appetizer

The Mushroom Soup at Old Germany was excellent, giving the unmistakable impression that it was home made (although I sometimes wonder if I am misuing the term "home made" when applied to food from a restaurant). I cannot think of any other terms, though, to describe the flavor and freshness of this soup. To me it was one of the all time greats I have tried.

Chicken Jager Schnitzel
Chicken Jager Schnitzel at Old Germany

Jäger Schnitzel is one of several meat dishes served that come with a mushroom sauce topping. This is not the ordinary mushroom sauce, having a light and fresh flavor that is somewhat incongruous with its dark color (if you have ever been to chain steak houses that serve mushroom sauce you will likely know what the other kind tastes like).

Several types of meat are available with the Jäger Schnitzel. The chicken was excellent, and was even better than several other very good non-German chicken dishes I have had in upscale Oklahoma City restaurants.

Half order of Wiener Schnitzel
Half order of Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is supposed to be the specialty of Old Germany, and the restaurant's web site indicates that this was the first dish to be served in 1976. I thought this was an almost perfect dish of flavors and texture, with the breading being one of the best parts.

Like other dishes served, a choice of meat is available with the wiener schnitzel. Veal is the consensus favorite from those who have tried it, and the one I tried was excellent. The plate shown in the photo is actually a half order with a half order of German Fried Potatoes as well. This was a full order split between two persons, so a small order for one person might look slightly different. In addition to splitting an order, Old Germany has other means of cutting down the cost and portion size including serving lunch portions and smaller dinners for seniors.

Schwabian Schnitzel
Schwabian Schnitzel is one of several specials served on a rotating basis

Schwabian Schnitzel is one of several dishes served as weekly specials, and that are not available every day. This was a dish I did not order but sampled, and personally I preferred the plain breaded schnitzel described previously. My dining companion also thought the meat was not tenderized sufficiently as it would have been done in Germany, but to me the toughness of the meat was not as noticeable as some that I have tried in other restaurants. The ham was very good, and this is coming from someone who normally does not eat or like ham.

With most other German restaurants, my pet peeve is that either the main dishes will be excellent but not the side dishes, or vice versa. Old Germany impressed me though, that almost all the food was equally good. The German fried potatoes were cooked so that I enjoyed them almost as much as the meat. The Red Cabbage was probably the best one I have sampled in a restaurant, although I only have a few recent visits at other restaurants with which to compare it.

The Potato Salad was not as memorable as the German fried potatoes, and I think some better versions are served in Oklahoma City. It was still quite good, though.

Complimentary bread
Complimentary bread

Two types of dark Bread are served with dinners, and refills are given. I think almost every other German restaurant has better bread, but like the potato salad, I thought the bread here was perfectly fine, and I enjoyed it. At least the bread has the advantage of being free (I know that nothing in restaurants is really free, but I am glad Old Germany serves this bread with the food).

Dessert case
Dessert case at Old Germany is very tempting, if you have any room left

Desserts come from the local La Baguette bakery, and these are generally considered to be among the best in OKC. Choices include a large variety of cakes so that just about all tastes can be accommodated.

One thing I appreciate about Old Germany is that the posted hours are kept, and they do not close early if there are no customers. With a drive to the town of Choctaw being a longer than normal one for most people in Oklahoma City, it is important to know the restaurant will be open when you get there.

I have gone to Old Germany both right after it first opened and more recently. If anything, I think it is better now than before. I say this not only because Old Germany now has more variety, but also because many other restaurants have not remained the way I remember them the way this one has.

My Comments in a Nutshell
What I like most:
  • They have German dishes that are hard to find or impossible to find at other restaurants
  • They stay open for the posted hours, which is important if you have to drive a good distance to get to Choctaw (and want to make sure you can eat there)
  • An excellent place to get Jagerschnitzel and other classic German dishes
  • My biggest disappointment has been the beer--both that what I wanted was not available and what I got was too expensive
  • Some of the meats used in the schnitzels have been tough
Things to know:
  • Although it is out in the middle of the country, it has a pretty extensive German menu.
  • The only other restaurant I know with this large of a German menu is Royal Bavarian in Moore (they also have a restaurant in Norman--Das Boot). My recommendation would be to go to whichever one is closest to you (they are both good).
  • They have a good selection of beer, including beer on tap. You do not have to eat in the "Biergarten" to order beer, but I have enjoyed doing so when I went to the restaurant by myself.
  • The restaurant puts on an "Oktoberfest" event each fall in a Choctaw city park.
  • Desserts are from La Baguette (these are very good, but I think some of the other restaurants have equally good desserts--particularly Ingrid's in OKC).



Cuisine: German
Cost: $$$
Hours: Closed Sun. & Mon.
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Beer, Wine

Most Recent Visit
Apr. 7, 2009

Number of Visits: 4

Best Items
Wienerschnitzel, Jagerschnitzel, Mushroom Soup

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Wiener Schnitzel:
Jäger Schnitzel: chicken
German Potatoes:
Red Cabbage:
Mushroom Soup:
Potato Salad:

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