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Oklahoma Station Bar B Q (Closed)

4331 N.W. 50th St.
Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Station at N.W. 50th & Meridian

Oklahoma Station is one of the oldest barbecue restaurants in the city, and I had read (in 2015) that it has recently changed ownership. A visit at that time confirmed that there have been widespread changes, so I am "starting over" with a new review.

The serving line
The serving line

Oklahoma Station still has the same menu and it seems to have the same number of customers, so I do not believe any changes have been drastic enough to affect its loyal group of customers. I believe they still cook the meat the same way, and there is still a good variety. With just one location I can safely say that whatever is served here is "as good as it gets" at Oklahoma Station.

Over the years Oklahoma Station has been one of the best barbecue restaurants in the city. I consider it premature to still make this statement (or to state the contrary), but I can say that it still seems to be competitive within the city's barbecue restaurants. I have archived the old review to show why I have such high expectations from them: Oklahoma Station Previous Review.

Sliced beef brisket
Sliced beef brisket

My list of "favorite items" has changed since trying the new restaurant. Beef Brisket used to be one of the best items here, and although I have not tried it recently this still should be one of their specialties.

Half order of smoked turkey
Half order of smoked turkey

The Smoked Turkey has seen a marked improvement over the ones I tried at the "old" restaurant. The gentleman in the serving line included it in his list of recommendedations, and based on this I would say asking the employees is the best method of finding out what to order if you have not yet tried all the items.

I thought the turkey had everything required of good barbecue-- it was cooked well, it had a good smoky flavor, and the meat was high quality. I would say that every barbecue restaurant should have turkey as good as the one here (but most others fall short).

Brisket and pork tenderloin
Brisket and pork tenderloin

The Pork Tenderloin was one of my favorite items before, but the one I had recently was dry. In fact, this was the biggest factor causing me to "start over" and write a new review of the restaurant. Serving dry meat is a common problem at barbecue restaurants, but it is one I rarely experienced at the "old" Oklahoma Station.

Pork spare ribs
Pork spare ribs

The Pork Spare Ribs were one of the best items at the old restaurant, and as of yet I have not tried them at the new one.

Ham is an item I have only tried at the new restaurant, and I thought it had an excellent flavor but was dry. Somewhat inexplicably a piece I took home as a leftover was much better, so based on this I am giving readers a recommendation to try the ham.

The creamy Cole Slaw was one of the best in the city at the old restaurant, and I think it is the same now. They have two types of cole slaw, and I have always found it best to stick with the creamy one.

The Sweet Beans were excellent.

The fried Okra had a good flavor and texture, and stayed hot for about as long as I would expect. I think this may be the best okra in town.

Several other vegetables and side dish choices are available, and I think the selection here is unmatched by any other barbecue restaurant in the city.

Be sure to check the "relish bar" in front of the restaurant for pickles or other appetizers (customers can take whatever they want).

Banana pudding
Banana pudding

The Banana Pudding was my favorite dessert at the old restaurant, and is still available. The dessert choice on my latest visit, though, was Apple Cobbler (which I thought was equally good).

I have discovered that high quality iced tea is an integral part to the full enjoyment of a barbecue meal, and the fresh brewed tea here is among the best (sweet tea is also available).

Two out of the three meats I tried seemed dry, but the third (turkey) was excellent. This is about par for many of the city's barbecue restaurants, but I did think the "old" Oklahoma Station was better than this. At least the fact that the turkey is better than before gives me hope for some of the other items that I have not yet tried.



Cuisine: Barbecue
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily except Sun. evening
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: No

Most Recent Visit
Jun. 19, 2015

Number of Visits: 1

Best Items
Turkey, Cole Slaw, Okra, Desserts

Special Ratings
Pork Tenderloin:
Cole Slaw:
Sweet Beans:
Texas Toast:
Apple Cobbler: