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Let's Do Greek

7202 W. Hefner Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 603-4444

Let's Do Greek

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There are quite a few Greek restaurants in the Oklahoma City area, but most specialize in gyros. After visiting a Greek restaurant in Houston that was frequented by Greek sailors whose ships were docked nearby, my standards for a Greek restaurant are much higher than just looking for gyros. Let's Do Greek in Edmond has the variety and quality of food that I can call it authentically Greek, and I think it has enough good choices to give a good idea of what Greek cuisine is all about.

Let's Do Greek is a small family run operation with only a few tables, but with several servers it can efficiently handle a full crowd. The hours are limited at Let's Do Greek, with the restaurant closing at 7 p.m. most nights and 8 p.m. on Friday (it closes right after lunch on Saturday). The menu, though, is anything but limited, with so many choices it is hard to pick something if you are going for the first time. They have pictures on the wall, and this helps. What I found rather difficult, though, was the fact that dishes vary greatly in size and in accompaning side dishes, and it may be hard to match a dish with your appetite (if you have a small appetite you can get a very good sandwich or small dish for a very inexpensive price). I am not a stranger to Greek food, but I am not as familiar with it as other cuisines, especially with the number of choices that are available at Let's Do Greek.

I think the people running Let's Do Greek use their own recipes, and that they are totally authentic. As far as not knowing which dish to choose, I am pretty sure there are no wrong choices here. My preference would be to try one of the many items not available at Zorba's or other similar restaurants in town, but the main thing is for each person to find something they think they will enjoy.

Greek salad
Greek salad

Some of the larger plates come with a salad, or a side salad can be ordered (and some of the salads are big enough to make a meal). The Greek Salad is a delicious side salad, although if it can be shared by two people I think this makes it about the right size for each one. This salad came with a mix of lettuce greens, tomatoes, kalamata olives, peppers, feta, and a house Greek vinaigrette. The only thing I did not like about it was the onions, since I thought they were too strong and there was too much of it (I generally do not like onions, however).

Suvlakia chicken
Suvlakia chicken

Suvlakia Chicken was a marinated chicken kabob that I enjoyed very much, and in fact I think this ranks near the top of chicken kabobs in all Mediterranean restaurants throughout the metropolitan area. I thought it had a very good flavor and was very good chicken. The sauce was very good, the seasoning was perfect, but most of all I enjoyed the chicken.

The suvlakia chicken comes in several dishes, including a sandwich and a salad (served on top of a Greek salad). I ordered it on a rice place (listed as "Rice Corner" on the menu) with basmati rice and pita. There is also a "Let's do Bigger" plate in which it comes with Greek salad, choice of rice or fries, and pita. My plate had very good rice, and even though I would probably recommend getting both rice and salad instead of the large plate of rice that I had, I still enjoyed the rice (although it was a lot to eat).

Grilled chicken arepa
Grilled chicken arepa

The Grilled Chicken Arepa was made with corn meal bread, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and a spicy sauce inside. I only sampled the arepa, but based on this I found it good but not as interesting as the suvlakia chicken. I think the biggest difference was with the chicken, which was marinated with the suvlakia but apparently not with the arepa. The arepa sandwich is also available with oregano chicken or gyros, which I suspect might have more flavor than the grilled chicken.

I know Let's Do Greek is not unique in this, but I felt very strongly that the owners were proud of their food and anxious for people to enjoy it, and that the staff was very helpful if people are not sure what to order.

The thing is that there are so many items on the menu that I can understand why people have a hard time deciding.



Cuisine: Greek
Cost: $
Hours (Updated): Dinner only Mon.-Fri.; Lunch & Weekend are served from its food truck
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking

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Suvlakia Chicken

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