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Lemongrass Thai Restaurant

253 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Edmond, OK
(405) 330-6888

Lemongrass Thai at Edmond Rd. and Santa Fe

Lemongrass took over the former space of Thai Basil, and thus continued providing Thai food in an upscale setting to the west side of Edmond. Usually I am worried when a Thai restaurant places as much emphasis on the decor as Lemongrass has done, since I many times find the food to be "dumbed down" for American tastes. I did not find this to be true here, though, and in fact what I have been able to sample has been among the best I have found in the OKC metro.

Pad prik king
Pad prik king

Pad Prik King is one of my favorite Thai dishes, and I do not know why I prefer this type of curry to the ones that have coconut milk (this is a "dry curry"). I was especially impressed that Lemongrass had a good tofu that was substituted for the meat (the dish can also be served with chicken or other meats). The green beans were fresh, and tasted as if they were straight out of a garden. The quality of the Pad prik king may not be indicative of the other dishes served, but it would have been a red flag to me if this dish had turned out to be disappointing (if a restaurant cannot prepare pad prik king correctly then there is usually little hope for the other dishes).

Ginger with tofu
Ginger with tofu

It also seemed like a red flag when I saw that they served Ginger rather than using the Thai name, and I assumed it would be their version of pad king, a stir fried dish with a ginger flavor. After ordering the dish I got the impression that just calling it "ginger" was the proper name for the dish, since it seemed to be the chef's own recipe. The sauce was darker and sweeter than the normal pad king, although the green beans and other vegetables were what I find in the authentic dishes that have not been Americanized. The blend of flavors of all the vegetables and spices seemed to come from years of experience of the chef, and I had little doubt that it had authentic Thai flavors. Whether it was authentic "pad king" or the chef's own "ginger" dish, it was about as good as the ginger dishes I have had anywhere (and this includes Thai Palace in Edmond, which sets the standard for most Thai dishes).

Basil fried rice
Basil fried rice with chicken

Basil Fried Rice is not something that I would normally think would be a remarkable dish, but like other things I have tried at Lemongrass the actual meal was much better than it sounded from the menu. The sweet basil leaves made it so flavorful that the rice took on the flavor of the ingredients cooked in it, and the chicken was very high quality.

Everything was so full of Thai flavors that I thought this was one of the best Thai restaurants in the Oklahoma City area, even if the recipes do not seem to be very similar to the ones used in other restaurants. The only thing that concerned me was the ginger dish being so sweet, but it was one of the most enjoyable ginger dishes I have had anywhere (one of my quests in Seattle was to find the best ginger dish, but the one at Lemongrass would have been in contention had it been available in Seattle).

The restaurant has a nice setting with higher than normal prices, but the prices are comparable to other places that use high quality ingredients. I feel that the chef here is one of the most knowledgeable in the metro about Thai food, and it is definitely worth coming here to experience the full depth of flavors that a Thai meal can provide.

The ice cold Thai Tea is very good, and Lemongrass also has the normal hot tea.

This is also one of the few Thai restaurants that use a Thai spice scale that is in line with my expectations, so that the food is neither milder than I want nor so hot that it is hard to eat. I think that each Thai dish has a proper heat level that enhances the flavor, and an experienced chef will know how to find this proper level (and Lemongrass has done it correctly the times I have eaten here).



Cuisine: Thai
Cost: $$
Accessible: Yes
Tea: Jasmine
Smoking: No Smoking
Buffet: No

Most Recent Visit
May 28, 2011

Number of Visits: 2

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Pad Prik King, Ginger

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