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Blue Corn Cafe (Closed)

13320 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK

With four locations (2 in Santa Fe, one in Albuquerque, and one here) you would think they would have New Mexican food down pretty good. However, I think this restaurant proves the adage that you really can't serve good New Mexican food outside of the Land of Enchantment (and I have my doubts about parts of N.M., particularly the eastern edge of the state).

My experience at the OKC version of Blue Corn is that it starts out excellent (the salsa is great and the food tastes great when you first bite into it). However, after a while the food begins to have a strange aftertaste (I thought the enchiladas had a stronger taste of corn oil than any other ingredient).

The beans are particularly strange, and the calabacitas are just blah.

It is surprising that no sopaipillas are offered--not even for dessert! (Sopaipillas and honey are supposed to be served with the food in New Mexican meals in order to counteract the spiciness of the chile, but in the case of Blue Corn Cafe the chile really has little need for relief from the soothing honey).

I do applaud Blue Corn Cafe for providing blue corn tortillas and a somewhat authentic red chile on the enchiladas, but the whole dinner just does not come together for anyone familiar with true New Mexico food.



Cuisine: Mexican New Mexican
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May 25, 2004

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