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Bistro 38

2903 N.W. 36th St.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 948-2788

Bistro 38 at N.W. 36th St. & May Ave.

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Bistro 38 Thai Green Cuisine is not the first Thai restaurant to operate in this location, and I believe the change occurred in 2014. The previous restaurant was owned by Sala Thai, although it was apparently operated independently. Bistro 38 is still the same kind of small family run restaurant that I believe was here before, and I think this is a big reason for the positive reviews I have read for both restaurants.

Most of the dine-in customers seem to come at lunch, and otherwise it relies largely on take-out orders. It had a comfortable dining room, I enjoyed the music, and the service was good. The menu was not huge but it looked as if it had several good choices. Outwardly it was very much like the typical strip mall Thai restaurants I find around the city.

One positive about Bistro 38 was that it did not have the Americanized sweet flavor that I find at a number of Thai restaurants. I have only tried a small sample of the dishes here, but I definitely think this is one of the better Thai restaurants in town.

Pad prik king
Pad prik king

The Pad Prik King had a good sauce (curry without the coconut milk), crispy green beans, and tofu with a good textue (I ordered the vegetarian version). I found this version to be similar to the ones at several other restaurants (and this is a good thing). The dish was made the right way, and I did not have any complaints.

I also sampled the Pad See Ew, a noodle dish with chicken and broccoli. I thought the chicken was very good, the broccoli was crispy (not quite as good a thing to me as the green beans being prepared this way), and the noodles were good. Overall the dish did not seem to have much flavor, though. This was much the same as I have found at most Thai restaurants, but I keep looking for the few who can make noodle dishes more flavorful. They will give you fish sauce for additional flavor, and this certainly helps. Still, although it was good, this was not a five-star dish for me.

Thai tea
Thai tea with pad see ew in the background

The Thai Tea was very good. Because my food was not very spicy, though, I just enjoyed the tea because of the flavor and not for the usual reason which is to quench the burning feeling in my mouth.

Green tea ice cream
Green tea ice cream

Bistro 38 has a good Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert (and I enjoyed it more because the food itself was not too sweet).

Pad prik king is usually a "test dish" for me, and since it was done the right way, I have great confidence that other dishes will be the same. The reviews I have read also tend to confirm this.



Cuisine: Thai
Cost: $$
Hours: Closed Mon.
Accessible: Yes
Tea: Thai tea
Smoking: No Smoking

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Jun. 25, 2015

Number of Visits: 1

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Pad Prik King

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