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El Caballero

210 W. Marland St.
Hobbs, NM
(575) 393-0801

El Caballero is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that specializes in authentic Mexican food. This is not the typical Tex-Mex place I find in Hobbs (I have yet to find a restaurant that serves authentic New Mexican style food), and it is not the kind of place that fills up customers with chips and salsa, queso, or sopaipillas for dessert. Instead, items are ordered a la carte, as is the style with most restaurants in Mexico.

The items I found here that were either good or looked good on the menu were tacos and other meats, soups, and Mexican dishes found in the more authentic restaurants.

The enchiladas were not as good as ones I have eaten in some of Hobbs' Tex-Mex restaurants, but in visiting many hole-in-the-wall places in Mexico I found that enchiladas were not usually their best dishes. The other dishes and side dishes, though, made up for it. I did not get to sample a whole lot but it was enough to make me want to go back.



Cuisine: Mexican Northern
Cost: $

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Dec. 24, 2001

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