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Vic's Flautas & Tortas

201 S. Main St.
Anthony, TX
(915) 886-2778

Note: This review was written for the location at 308 Franklin St., which is now closed. It is now located at 201 S. Main St.

Vic's is a very small place with about a half dozen small tables. Only two items are offered-- flautas and tortas.

Flautas are served "Ciudad Juarez" style-- with avocado, sour cream, and chile de arbol, with a side of cabbage and tomato salad. Four flautas come to an order and they are quite good-- maybe as flavorful as Ciro's. However they are not very substantial-- I do not consider an order to be a full meal. French fries and chips are available, but no side dishes such as rice or beans.

I was told that the tortas are more filling than the flautas, but unless you like one of these two dishes you are out of luck at this place. Vic's seems to be more of a take-out place than a restaurant, and it certainly does not have the full menu normally found at Mexican restaurants.



Cuisine: Mexican Chihuahua
Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sun.
Smoking: No Smoking

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Nov. 10, 2004

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