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Marina's German Bakery

2033 Trawood Dr.
El Paso, TX
(915) 591-3737

Marina's German Bakery

Throughout the years Fort Bliss has had a partnership with the German Air Force to provide training and facilities for German military personnel, and this has led to better than average German food being available in El Paso. One establishment that may not be well known, though, is Marina's German Bakery on Trawood Drive in east El Paso. The company's web site says the bakery started out near the main entrance to Fort Bliss, but for a number of years I have known it at its present location. Marina's produces a large amount of bread and pastries that are sold in such high volumes they sometimes run out of certain items, but everything is always fresh.

For years Marina's main "claim to fame" was that it supplied the delicious fresh bread served in Gunther's Edelweiss German Restaurant (which closed in 2010). I know that I really appreciate good quality bread, and the hearty freshly baked bread at Gunther's was some of the best I have ever had.

Some of the varieties sold include Roggenbrot (light rye), Bauernbrot (farmer's bread), Schwarzbrot (heavy rye), Simonsbrot (whole grain), and others. Most of the choices reflect different proportions of rye and wheat, and are made to go with different types of meats and sandwiches. In my opinion this is the best sandwich bread in El Paso. When I go I usually buy whatever looks tempting and is available-- they are rarely out of more than one or two varieties.

Marina's dining area and display cases
Marina's dining area and display cases

The dining room has several tables but I have not eaten here, so I do not know what drinks are available or if they serve sandwiches (although I understand they sell bratwurst on Saturdays). I think it is mostly a dessert restaurant, and the variety of sweets sold is so great I could not begin to describe them all. I usually get whatever looks good to take home, and in the case of German sweets this usually involves something with chocolate. I do not necessarily make the claim that the desserts are the best in El Paso, as I do with the bread, although I am sure there are many varieties sold here that are not available elsewhere (and thus are the best by default). However, I have been buying sweets at Marina's for years, and I do not remember anything that was not excellent.



Cuisine: Bakery
Hours: Closed Sun.

Best Items
Bread, Rolls, Pastries

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