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Greenery Restaurant and Market

750 Sunland Park Dr. (Sunland Park Mall)
El Paso, TX
(915) 584-6706

Greenery Restaurant in Sunland Park Mall

The Greenery has evolved over the years from a snack bar/ restaurant in the old Popular Department Store to one of the most upscale restaurants in El Paso. Still located in Sunland Park Mall, it is now occupies a large enough space to offer meals for shoppers as well as other who come to the Mall just to eat.

Although I'm calling The Greenery "American," it is really more reminiscent of a European restaurant and market. The market next door to the restaurant sells made from scratch baked goods, gourmet Eurpoean meats and cheeses, and may be even attract more customers than the restaurant.

Some of the entrées are on the pricey side, but a large number of sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and similar items can provide a lighter meal for a reasonable cost. I would mainly consider Greenery Restaurant as a place to get lunch or a light dinner, but that is because I really have not tried very many of the larger plates.

The vegetarian menu is small, but most items are so flavorful and substantial that they would be satisfying even to a carnivore. The Wood Fired Pizza is one of my favorite items, and comes with several choices of meat and vegetarian toppings. To me the vegetable pizza is quite good.

Eggplant panini
Eggplant panini is one of several types available

The Eggplant Panini is flavorful, and the ingredients are so fresh it is more like a west coast restaurant than the typical desert Southwest establishment. I do not generally care much for eggplant, but the one served here is pretty good. I also like the goat cheese used instead of the typical sliced cheese that is found on most sandwiches. The biggest disappointment, though, is the fact that artichokes are not served on the panini as they used to be at the now closed Kern Place Market (this was the panini by which I measure all others). The fresh bread and vegetables are quite good, but I would just prefer it with a different selection of vegetables.

Other sandwiches, such as the Tuna Sandwich, are good as well. Although the vegetarian selection is limited, there is quite a range of meat options.

Over the years I have had a "love-hate" relationship with the Mexican food at The Greenery. It is geared toward the "gourmet" taste, meaning it is "toned down" and probably not what I would call authentic. It does live up to the label "gourmet," though, with interesting flavors and good quality ingredients.

If you get a chance to try the Tortilla Soup, it is excellent (it is sometimes served as the soup of the day). Although I think they go overboard on the chicken at the expense of other ingredients, it is quite fresh and flavorful, and it is superior to many places in which the tortilla soup is supposed to be a signature dish.

Greenery's market next door to the restaurant
Greenery's market next door to the restaurant

The Greenery Market next door to the restaurant features an all-from-scratch bakery with everything from tarts to cookes to cakes. Just about everything needed for sandwiches and snacks is available, with the same high quality as the restaurant.

Much of today's "mall food" has become overpriced and poor quality, but The Greenery is one place that will change this conception.



Cuisine: American
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Beer, Wine

Most Recent Visit
May 19, 2008

Number of Visits: 10+

Best Items
Pizza, Tortilla Soup

Special Ratings
Tortilla Soup:
Eggplant Panini:
Tuna Sandwich:
Cole Slaw:

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