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Andre's Pizza (Closed)

7000 Westwind Dr.
El Paso, TX

Andre's is a neighborhood pizza joint that has survived for a number of years by individually preparing each pizza, cooking it fresh when you order it, and making sure that there is a consistent quality. It tried expanding to various locations throughout El Paso, and while some of the branches did not survive, the original restaurant at Westwind and Belvidere is still going strong. Probably the most popular location is the one near UTEP, with a pizza joint and college campus being a logical combination.

In spite of the fact that the pizza at Andre's is much better than the average chain and delivery pizza, I never understood the popularity it seems to have. A Cheese Pizza consists of three components: cheese, tomato sauce, and crust. While the cheese here is good, the crust is soft and very tasteless. The tomato sauce, however, is probably the most disappointing part of the pizza. Lacking spice and flavor in the sauce, I think it relies on extra toppings for the pizza flavor (which the cheese pizza does not have). Perhaps the pepperoni and other toppings are quite good, but I do not think the pizza's basic components provide much enhancement to them.

The worst part about the pizza is that it leaves a "heavy" feeling in my stomach. I am almost ready to put Andre's pizza in the category of fast food becase of the aftertaste it leaves and the way the crust seems to sit in my stomach the way some chain pizzas do. I think the pizza here is actually freshly made and more nutritous than most, but it just does not leave me with a good feeling. Hopefully I am in the minority, and others will enjoy it more than I do.

Greek Salad
Greek Salad at Andre's

The salads are one of the bright spots at Andre's, though. The "specialty salads" contain a mixture of fresh (and genuinely good) ingredients, and come with a choice of dressings. The Greek Salad comes with a specially-made Greek dressing, and has been my favorite because it is vegetarian. The feta cheese, black olives, cucumbers, and other ingredients are always satisfying, and even though it has a large quantity of iceberg lettuce, the salad is a treat.

Except for the dinner salad, all others come with meat.

A large selection of submarine sandwiches is available, and as far as I know none are vegetarian. One I have tried is the Southwest Chicken Sub with seasoned chicken, green chili (yes, this is the way it is spelled on the menu), cheddar, and provolone. I thought this was a good sandwich, although not a gourmet one like the sandwiches at Ripe and some other nearby restaurants. The bread was enjoyable and everything else was acceptable or better. Customers also get a free bag of potato chips, which I enjoyed.

The French Dip Sub was even better, with a very good meat and juice used for dipping sauce. All the cheeses at Andre's are good, and this comes with provolone.

The restaurant makes a daily soup that I think changes from time to time. The Mushroom Soup was very good, perhaps the best thing I have had at Andre's. I thought the broth had the right texture and creaminess. It is not on the menu so I do not know how often it is served.

Pizza, subs, and salads make up the whole menu at Andre's. Although the pizza seems to be the restaurant's claim to fame, that is the part I would skip.



Cuisine: Pizza
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Accessible: Yes
Additional Locations: 3233 N. Mesa, 1881 Saul Kleinfeld Dr.
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: No

Most Recent Visit
Feb. 14, 2008

Number of Visits: 10+

Best Items
French Dip Sandwich, Greek Salad, Mushroom Soup

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